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    After his first book, entitled “Process analysis of double-twist bunching” the author now presents his second book in which he deals with “Copper wire drawing – manufacturing of round copper wires for the cable industry“.
    On more than 180 pages with more than 100 illustrations, he conveys in simple terms the basic knowledge of industrial copper wire drawing. He displays extensively the four core topics of copper wire drawing: machine, wire, drawing die and cooling lubricant.
    His experience gained over more than 25 years as head of a copper wire drawing plant is not at least shown in the chapter “Disturbances in drawing of copper wires ” in which he treats detailed and bared on everyday experiences the potential mistakes in wire drawing.
    In numerous tables, he presents technical contexts in an over-visible manner. Topics such as “Permissible tension on the current wire”, the “AWG, American standards for wire dimensions” as well as “Traction force increase caused by deflection” complete the book
    presenting 29 simple formulas suitable for the calculator and 16 detailed computational examples, the author shows the necessary calculation bases around wire drawing.
    The book closes a gap in the specialist literature for copper processing and is equally helpful for beginners and more experienced wire drawers.

    ISBN 978-3-00-061975-5

    The book can only be ordered directly from the author.
    Price 179,- € plus shipping costs


    ND / SSCD
    ND / SSCD

    from EUROWIRE
    march 2023
    Translated from the
    magazine DRAHT
    Book presentation:

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