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  • All three REDIES production facilities offer repolishing service.

    Vicinity to the customer helps to match specific needs.

    3 production facilities:
    Germany – Italy – Czech Republic
    Italy – Giussano(MB)
    Tel.: +39 0362 852160
    Czech Republic – Vamberk
    Tel.: +42 0494 661051
    Germany – Aachen
    Tel.: +49 241 50422

    Main theorem for us:

    REDIES repolished dies are technically equivalent to new dies (of the same type)!

    Repolishing service contains the following works:

    • Cleaning
    • Removing of drawing ring with ultrasonic works (tungsten carbide dies: high-speed ¬†¬†grinding)
    • Shoe-shine polishing by ultrasonic (tc dies: high-speed finishing)
    • Calibrating according to customer tolerances or our Standard Tolerances for new dies
    • Final optical and diameter control
    • Stamping of the new size

    For our standard tolerances + geometry see:

    Tungsten Carbide Dies
    Natural Diamond Dies
    PCD Dies


    Translated from the
    magazine DRAHT
    Book presentation: